Ajiman (味満ん), Tokyo

Ajiman is a fugu (blowfish) specialist restaurant located in Roppongi and it’s only opened for half a year during the fugu season.

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I was never a fan for fugu meat (I liked fugu shirako nevertheless). Perhaps after my very mediocre experience in Yamadaya, I never had the crave to try any fugu place. I would say Ajiman changed my impression on fugu.

To me the taste of fugu is very delicate, it often has a slightly stronger taste when its cooked. When it’s raw, its more about the texture. I really liked how Ajiman serves the raw fugu with two sauces (ankimo sauce and ponzu). I really liked the ankimo sauce with fugu.It’s like a flavor bomb because of the sauce.

The fugu shirako was another highlight. It was very creamy, almost like a pudding, wrapped with a thick outer layer.

It’s definitely a shop that I would like to revisit again!

Ajiman (味満ん), Tokyo
Tel: +81-3-3408-2910
Address: WOO Building, 3-8-8 Roppongi, Minato, Tokyo (東京都 港区 六本木 3-8-8 WOOビル1F)
Opening Hours: 5pm – 12am Everyday (from September to March)

Price: 45,000-50,000yen

For reservations in Japan, you can click here to check it out

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