Sushi Ichikawa (鮨いちかわ), Tokyo

Sushi Ichikawa is quite remote compared to other restaurants. The walk to Ichikawa is quite nice in Autumn (probably not the case for summer).  

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Sushi Ichikawa plays a bit more on the knife skills and his sushi looks stunningly delicate. Unlike Edomae style sushi, the sushi here comes in smaller pieces

It’s a place that I would love to return.

Sushi Ichikawa (鮨いちかわ)
Address: 4 Chome−27−1, Nakamachi, Setagaya, Tokyo, Japan (東京都世田谷区中町4-27-1 上野毛リトルタウン 1F)
Tel: +81 03-3705-2266

Chef: Ichikawa Katsumi (市川克海)
Visited on: 29 Nov, 2016

2 thoughts on “Sushi Ichikawa (鮨いちかわ), Tokyo

  1. How long in advance did you call to make a reservation?
    When you called to make the reservation, do you speak Japanese or English?
    If you can only choose one, which one you will pick – this one, Sushi Ya or Sushi Tokami?

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