Mishimatei (三嶋亭), Kyoto

If you are doing a food marathon in Kyoto, you will probably feel tried after all the kaiseki which serves the same ingredients in every restaurants. It’s always good to have alternatives other than kaiseki in Kyoto and Mishimatei is one of my options. 

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Mishimatei was established in 1873. It’s also a butcher and you could actually purchase their sliced Shimofuri beef in a specialist counter in Kyoto’s Isetan. The old shop is one of the renowned place for sukiyaki in Kyoto. The honten is an old shop. You will find yourself walking on steep squeaky stairs when you are heading to the dining area. You can also choose to dine a private room which is always a good option for a group of friends to hang out.

There will be staff serving you. They will heat the skillet and melt the fat before putting in the sugar and beef in it. You also get vegetables, mushrooms, onions on the side.

The beef at Mishimatei has a stronger beef taste than some other sukiyaki places. Even I am a beef lover, I couldn’t have too much shimofuri beef (marbled beef) as they are too fatty for me sometimes. But the beef at Mishimatei was just right! Will be back again!

Mishimatei (三嶋亭 本店)
Address: 405 Sakuranocho, Nakagyo Ward, Kyoto, Japan
Tel: +81 75-221-0003

Price: Lunch:8000-20,000JPY; Dinner:14,000-20,000JPY
Opening Hours: 11:30am – 10pm (closed on Wednesday)

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