Old and Ancient Bordeaux vintages from Medoc Classification 1855

It’s a serious gamble whenever it comes to drinking very old wines, like vintages from the 1960s. You are betting your hard earned cash on an expensive bottle of wine that could very well have turned into vinegar. There aren’t much ways to minimize the risk, even if you’re thorough checking the level of the wine, tracing down its storage condition, and etc. But if you are lucky enough to get hold of a healthy bottle of great old vintage, be prepared to be rewarded with an extraordinary surprise. Continue reading

Scribbling about Wine: Pavillon Rouge de Chateau Margaux 2005

Pavillon Rouge de Chateau Margaux 2005 (357ml). Started with some dark cherries and leather on the nose. Every sip I take, the wine evolves on the tongue, it develops from red fruit to dark fruit. Hints of spices, green pepper and vanilla towards the end. As a rather good vintage in the 2000s, the acidity has a bite to it (medium +), while tannins are smooth as a 7 years old wine. It is a balanced wine. As a half bottle, although you can drink it now, it has potential for aging. Continue reading

Scribbling about Wine: Lynch Bages 1975

You know you’re in for something good when a 1975 bottle of Lynch Bages is uncorked and is ready to drink right from the start. A lovely orange-red tinge through the crystal, and no signs of alcohol on the nose. I could detect some sweet dried red fruit, Chinese plums, with an herbaceous, spicy tail. As with most older vintage wines, it evolved to become darker and even more herbaceous, but remains very pleasant. Continue reading

Scribbling about Wine: Pichon Lalande 1975

Started off with some dried fruits but the fruitness of the wine has pretty much died out. The first prominent nose was cinnamon, oak and some minerals. The wine was smooth in texture with gentle tannins. The wine is still lively as there are still some young tannins in the wine, yet it does not have enough acidity to balance out the tannins. The wine was ex-chateau and was re-corked in 1993. Continue reading