Beige (ベージュ), Tokyo

‘I’m dining at Chanel’. Sounds extravagant? But that’s how many would identify with the two Michelin-starred restaurant ‘Beige’ in Tokyo, perched atop the Chanel building in glitzy Ginza.

Three years ago I visited their terrace Le Jardin de Tweed. Little did I know it’s Alain Ducasse – whom is also my favourite chef – operates the restaurant and rooftop bar. Continue reading

Bvlgari il Bar, Tokyo

Finally Bvlgari il Ristorante found its way into this year’s Tokyo Michelin Guide. One of Bvlgari Tokyo’s signature should be their handmade jewelry-like chocolates. Bvlgari sources cacao beans from far flung places like Venezuela and Madagascar – and turns them into irresistible dark chocolates, and often decorated in edible gold or silver. Continue reading

The Aquarium at Alfred Dunhill, Tokyo

You might wonder, what is she doing in a cigar lounge?

Nope, I don’t really smoke cigars. But on that particular day, I felt a real need for real quiet place to chill following a long day trip to Kamakura. Alfie’s, a chic bar of Alfred Dunhill in Hong Kong, left a nice impression on me on days I needed some quiet. So I thought it would be nice to check out the one at Ginza, grab a drink before I head back to the hotel. The simple idea of a drink came with an unexpected cost. Continue reading