“My favourite sushi shop”, Tokyo

My favourite sushi shop in Tokyo? I guess there are many. Jiro, Ichikawa, Miyaba…are some of the highlights for my trip last year. But this shop in Ginza is my favourite. There are certain pieces that I liked and not like in most of the sushi shops, but I liked every single sushi here and the fruits as well. 

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Almost every piece of otsumami you get will reappear on your sushi piece.

This sushi shop used to be THE most premium sushi shop in Ginza, especially back in the 80s. It was THE’to-go’ sushi shop among celebrities, businessman…. It all started way before Jiro got his heads up in the sushi league.  And it remains to be a popular choice today, especially among wealthy Japanese businessmen.  It’s a relatively ‘low profile’ sushi shop among foreigners but I believe they purposely kept it that way.

The shop has nurtured many famous sushi chefs in Japan and left a mark in the history of sushi. A more commonly known example would be Araki’s master. 
This shop has a rather interesting tradition. The sushi master does not pass the shop to his son, but he choses his successor who he thinks has the potential. 

I was lucky enough to take some shots of the sushi as they usually do not allow photography. It’s probably a shop that does not want to be popular among foreigners. For me, it’s one of the most delicate sushi experience I have had so far. 

10 thoughts on ““My favourite sushi shop”, Tokyo

      • Thank you.
        Btw, actually you should try Midori-zushi close by Kyodo station along the Odakyu line in Tokyo. It doesn’t serve abalone or expensive ‘neta’ but for me it’s as good as Kyubei Ginza.

  1. I really enjoy reading your articles. Thank you for sharing.
    Is the restaurant an Introduce only restaurant? How did you get a reservation?

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