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You might know me as Katie or Keiko, it works either way for me. I am based in Hong Kong and I travel frequently to Japan. My passion is to travel for food, been trying hard to learn about them, appreciate them and share my experiences with my friends and readers.

*This blog represents myself only*

This blog was previously featured in:

Foodies – The Culinary Jetsetter was previously screened at the San Sebastian Film Festival and was released globally by the Fortissimo Films in 2014. The movie was screened all over the world including Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Australia, Thailand, United States, Sweden and more. It is available on iTunes, Netflix and Amazon.

The blog was also mentioned in: Scandinavian Traveler, Malaysia Tatler, FOUR Magazine and more.

16 thoughts on “[About me]

    • Hi! You could check out a sake cellar at the Omotesando Hills. There have a wide range of collection there. Hope it helps. Cheers. =)

  1. Hi Keiko,

    Aiste form luxeat referred me to you. I heard from her that you were a part of the Swedish TV documentary about Foodies. How exciting!!

    Anyway, great posts. Love them all. Per Se, Le Bernardin, and Masa are my 3 tops NY restaurants. I got so excited when I saw you posted your experience at Per Se and Le Bernardin. Do you use 1.8 depth of fields?

    I’m heading to Tokyo at the end of November and already had restaurant bookings lined up. I’m so stoked.

    May I know which three fine restaurants in HK would you recommend? I always find myself going back to L’atelier de Joel Robuchon, and The Principal. I was disappointed with Amber and Caprice. mehhhh!!! haha. I have yet to try Bo Innovation or 8 1/2 Otto e Mezzo Bombana? Any ideas? Please let me know. Also, I was blown away by RyuGin when I was in Tokyo last April, would you recommend the one at the ICC?

    Sorry for bombarding you with questions like such. haha


    • Hello there Sander!

      Yup, I am part of their documentary. And you too?

      I used 2.0 depth of fields with my Zeiss Macro Planar.

      I am so jealous that you are going to Tokyo, I met Asite in Tokyo in August. I look forward to your reviews!

      I like Bo Innovation a lot. RyuGin in Hong Kong is also very amazing and it has superb views. You can check out my blog post on it(link) You can click on “Fine dining at a glance” on my blog’s menu and there’s a list of reviews on fine dining restaurants in Hong Kong. Tin Lung Heen and Lung King Heen is also very nice for cantonese food.

      Let me know if you are in HK! All the best!!

      • Wow, what a quick reply.

        I actually currently reside in Hong Kong. Just been looking for different restaurants. :). I’m getting bored of everything. Haha.

        I’ve checked out your RyuGin post, looks great.

        And you don’t have to be jealous about my Tokyo as you were just there in August. Haha, but I totally understand what you mean though. Such great culinary city. Ahhhhhh!!! I’m trying to get a seat at Sawada and at Kawamura in Ginza, but it’s annoyingly difficult. Urghhhh!!! Haha.

        What’s your email? We can arrange a meal together!!


      • I totally understand your pain in booking restaurants in Tokyo. It’s like a war over the phone, countless redialing on daily basis. I heard Kawamura is a hard one but good luck with it!!!

        Email me at katiekeiko@gmail.com
        We can try out some restaurants in Hong Kong 🙂


    • There are too many choices in Tokyo, but probably it’s too late for a reservation for the popular choices. I would recommend some local eats. You can check out my instagram #katiekeikot_tokyo As for Thailand, I would go for local food. 😀

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