Scribbling about Wine: Pavillon Rouge de Chateau Margaux 2005

Pavillon Rouge de Chateau Margaux 2005 (357ml). Started with some dark cherries and leather on the nose. Every sip I take, the wine evolves on the tongue, it develops from red fruit to dark fruit. Hints of spices, green pepper and vanilla towards the end. As a rather good vintage in the 2000s, the acidity has a bite to it (medium +), while tannins are smooth as a 7 years old wine. It is a balanced wine. As a half bottle, although you can drink it now, it has potential for aging. Continue reading

Scribbling about Wine: Lynch Bages 1975

You know you’re in for something good when a 1975 bottle of Lynch Bages is uncorked and is ready to drink right from the start. A lovely orange-red tinge through the crystal, and no signs of alcohol on the nose. I could detect some sweet dried red fruit, Chinese plums, with an herbaceous, spicy tail. As with most older vintage wines, it evolved to become darker and even more herbaceous, but remains very pleasant. Continue reading

Back to School with Robert Parker Jr. – “the Magical 20”

On a cooling yet rainy morning in Hong Kong, 20 thousand glasses were placed in a big banquet hall, with 14 hundred bottles of unreleased top-quality Bordeaux wines uncorked by 45 Hong Kong sommeliers. The banquet hall was fully packed by winery representatives from all over the world, wine critics, wine sellers, buyers, educators and media. And they awaited the arrival of a very experienced wine critic, if not, the most influential wine critic for red Bordeaux in the world, to lead a tasting session where the 2009 Bordeaux vintages were first unveiled to the public. I was lucky enough to be part of it as an amateur to wine, it was a great lecture that I had. Continue reading

Palmer’s hybrid – Historical Blend Lot 20.07

With an annual production of 100 case, Palmer’s historical blend is still in its experimental period. A blend with 85% of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, the classic Bordeaux blend material, and 15% of Syrah from Cote du Rhone, it sets it apart from the normal Palmer. The 20.07 Historical Blend is the 3rd experiment by Palmer. The first two happened to be 2002 and 2006 vintage respectively. Continue reading

Scribbling about Wine: Pichon Lalande 1975

Started off with some dried fruits but the fruitness of the wine has pretty much died out. The first prominent nose was cinnamon, oak and some minerals. The wine was smooth in texture with gentle tannins. The wine is still lively as there are still some young tannins in the wine, yet it does not have enough acidity to balance out the tannins. The wine was ex-chateau and was re-corked in 1993. Continue reading

Krug 1998 versus Krug NV

Krug vintage or Krug NV? That has always been a question in my mind. So I decided to do a side by side comparison. With a difference of half a thousand HKD, I would still go for Krug 1998.

Krug 1998 versus Krug NV

Krug NV was young and powerful, citrus, with a lot of minerals. Yet, the minerals are slightly harsher than the Krug 1998. Continue reading