Palmer’s hybrid – Historical Blend Lot 20.07

With an annual production of 100 case, Palmer’s historical blend is still in its experimental period. A blend with 85% of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, the classic Bordeaux blend material, and 15% of Syrah from Cote du Rhone, it sets it apart from the normal Palmer. The 20.07 Historical Blend is the 3rd experiment by Palmer. The first two happened to be 2002 and 2006 vintage respectively.

From left to right - Chateau Palmer Historical Blend 20.07, Chateau Palmer 1995, Chateau Palmer 2004, Chateau Palmer 2007

As the wine is blend with grapes with Cote to Rhone, its appellation de controle can no longer be classified as Margaux or Bordeaux. A Vin de Table it is. But obviously, it’s some rare Vin de Table that costs over 200 pounds. Worth it or not? Be the ‘guinea pig’ and decide it yourself. But it’s not my cup of tea.

I am quite surprise that the tannins from the Historical Blend is not as aggressive as I thought it would be, but it does gives me a “this-does-not-smell-like-a-bordeaux” kind of feeling, and, unfortunately, it does not leave a deep impression when it’s placed side by side with 1995, 2004 and 2007 Palmer.

Both 1995, 2004 and 2007 vintage are slightly dominated by merlot – 43%, 47% and 49%. I was looking forward to the 95 vintage as I always prefer older Bordeaux, but in the end, I voted for 2004 instead. 

1995, ruby-tawny, aroma dominated by leather, the fruit has pretty much died down. More pleasant on the tongue, with some slight diluted taste of soy sauce.

2004 – ruby with background of tawny, medium-high acidity, have a better balance between the fruit and oak. Fruit is still vibrant, some black fruits like blackberries. Tannins is not as velvety as 2007 vintage, but it isn’t too aggressive.

2007 – purple-red, medium acidity, very velvet tannins, fruity, yogurt like aromas, reminds me of some new world wine though. Still a pleasant drink if it’s a 2007 vintage.

Actually I had a 2008 and 2006 alter ego, second wine of Palmer, at the same time, but I didn’t have much memory of it unfortunately… maybe I had too much on the same night. HAHA.

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