Teppanyaki in Sanka (山下), Hong Kong

If you could spare the few additional hours, you could hop on a plane to Tokyo for some really delicious Japanese food for the same price you pay in Hong Kong. But if you’re time strapped and craving for teppanyaki, Sanka is probably one of the places to go in Hong Kong. For the foodie with experiences at top teppanyaki places in Tokyo, do tone your expectations down a little. Continue reading

Pierre, Hong Kong

Previously traumatised by my experience at Sketch in London, I was initially reluctant to visit another Pierre’s restaurant for a while. Chef Jean Denis joined Pierre Hong Kong in 2013. My first experience of his team’s cooking was way more enjoyable than my experience at Sketch. Continue reading

Sushi Mori (鮨森), Hong Kong

Easily one of the top ranking sushi shops in the city, Sushi Mori offers a wide range of rare fish on the menu freshly imported from Japan every afternoon.

Their latest branch opened along Caroline Hill Road in September 2013. Once you’ve stepped into the shop, you can tell they’re aiming for a more sophisticated dining environment over the original store. Continue reading