Sushi Mori (鮨森), Hong Kong

Easily one of the top ranking sushi shops in the city, Sushi Mori offers a wide range of rare fish on the menu freshly imported from Japan every afternoon.

Their latest branch opened along Caroline Hill Road in September 2013. Once you’ve stepped into the shop, you can tell they’re aiming for a more sophisticated dining environment over the original store.

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Right behind the sliding wooden door is a L-shaped wood counter table that sits about 15 customers. However immediately noticeable was the choice of music which bothered me – no matter how I like Rihanna or Adele, it shouldn’t be played in an upscale setting such as this.

I ordered the omakase meal, and it started off with some appetizers, sashimi and grilled dishes, before the nigiri sushi is served. You can tell most ingredients are quite fresh. The highlights for the night was the fatty, melting slice of buri; seasonal umami-packed crab Seiko Kani and fish roe with Ponzu; creamy Shirako dipped with ponzu and tiny sliced chives, three versions of maguro nigiri sushi and two versions of Omi beef sushi. Last but not least, the tofu and fish broth topped it off with an amazing savory finish. You can taste the essence of the sweetness of the fried fish which was used to simmer the milky smooth broth.

It definitely qualifies as one of the best sushi meals I have had in Hong Kong, but still it’s a distance away from Sushi Shinkon’s and Sushi Iwa Hong Kong’s standards. Throw in some additional nigiri sushi and sake, the bill emptied my wallet, costing about HKD 2000. A normal meal would cost around HKD 1300. It’s not as pricey as Sushi Shikon (HKD 3500), but at this price, I could probably enjoy a better meal at Sushi Iwa.

Sushi Mori (鮨森)
Address: 1 Caroline Hill Road
Tel: +852 3462 2728

Visited on: 28 Dec, 2013
Price: Omakase Menu: 1300 HKD
Hours: Lunch 12:00-3:00pm; Dinner: 6:30-11:30 pm
Chef: Mori Tomoaki

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