Tate, Hong Kong

I have always loved the ambiance of Tate. It’s homey, comfy with a girly touch to it. A lot of my girlfriends fell in love with the place because of the ambiance.

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Tate has changed a lot since its opening, in a good way of course. Her style of cooking has evolved and each dish does speaks a lot about her personality and preferences. She said her cuisines is edible art. I always admire Vicky’s plating – it’s always an art piece. I think she is the only chef in Hong Kong who could express herself a dish in form of an art. Speaking of originality, I think Tate is one restaurant in Hong Kong who stood out among some “copy cats”. Chef Vicky has started to explore more on Chinese cuisine and see how it could be collaborated with French cuisine. I think it’s a good start and I look forward to more of her work.

Tate Dining Room and Bar
Tel: +852 2555 2172
Address: 59 Elgin Street, Central, Hong Kong
Website: http://www.tate.com.hk/

Visited on: July 2014
Chef: Vicky Lau

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