Restaurante Ibai, San Sebastian, Spain

Located right in the middle of the ‘dining heaven’ in Spain, San Sebastian should be considered as the joint of fine dining restaurants around Northern Spain.

Among all the fancy Michelin restaurants around the area, the traditional local restaurants always surprised me with simple, yet better food. But this does not mean that these local eats are more accessible than any other the starred restaurants. For example – Ibal. Continue reading

Mugaritz, Spain

Word of mouth led me to a conclusion that Mugaritz is one of the place food lovers can’t miss in San Sebastian. Mugartiz is on the A2 headlines in the foodies’ world. However, there are contrasty reviews about this place. A year or so earlier, there were comments saying that Mugartiz has lost its grip in its creation. But it has made its way back in the game recently. Continue reading