Restaurante Kaia Kaipe, Getaria, Spain

Kaia Kaipe, a ‘sister’ restaurant of Restaurante Elkano, is a place for grilled turbot and seafood. A big fight spit the family into two although both are still running restaurant that features similar stuff. In fact Kaia Kaipe is just few mintues walk from Elkano.

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When both places are featuring traditional Spanish seafood, it’s hard not to compare the two. In all honesty, both restaurants serve amazing grilled turbot. Even though I visited two restaurants in one trip, the size of the turbot I had in the two restaurants were different. So I find it unfair to say who did a better job. But I do have a personal preference for the smaller turbot in Elkano – texture was slightly smoother and firmer. Yet, I will be equally happy to pay another visit to both restaurants again.

Highlights of the meal was the langoustine – simple and flavorful. And they do better spider crab than Elkano for sure. A little let down was the cheese ice cream, the texture was not smooth and creamy enough – Elkano on the other hand did a better job in this dessert.

Having said that, the owner of Kaia Kaipe was a very friendly person. He showed us his amazing wine library and was kind enough to drive us back to San Sebastian after the meal as we couldn’t catch a cab.

Kaia Kaipe

Address: General Arnao 4 – 20808 Getaria, Spain
Tel: +34 943 14 05 00

Visited on: 20 Sept 2014
Hours: Tuesday – Sunday 1pm-4pm; Tuesday, Thursday & Friday 8pm-11pm

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