Ichiyanagi (すし家一柳), Tokyo

Rated as one of the Top 100 restaurants in Tabelog, 9th among the sushi shops in Tokyo, it is popular for some reason. Yet, it is not listed in the Michelin guide.

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My favorite nigiri sushi shop in Tokyo? Probably not. But they do superb grilled unagi – nicely grilled with a slightly crispy texture. Their tuna, aji, kohada, ikura, uni, hamaguchi outperformed their white fish sushi, that’s why I enjoyed the latter part of the meal more than the first few bites. The sushi ended with their steam egg – sweet and soft like egg pudding.

It’s a good deal in general.

Ichiyanagi (すし家一柳)
Tel: 03-3562-7890
Address: 1/F, 1 Chome−5−14, Ginza, Tokyo, Japan (東京都中央区銀座1-5-14 銀座コシミオンビル 1階)

Visited on: 7 November 2014
Hours: Monday – Sunday 11:30am-2pm; 5pm-10pm
Chef: Ichiyanagi Kazuya

One thought on “Ichiyanagi (すし家一柳), Tokyo

  1. Very well put! Agree completely. Second part of the meal outperformed first part by at least 50%.
    Enjoyable meal overall.
    Will I go back? Probably not.

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