Restaurante Ibai, San Sebastian, Spain

Located right in the middle of the ‘dining heaven’ in Spain, San Sebastian should be considered as the joint of fine dining restaurants around Northern Spain.

Among all the fancy Michelin restaurants around the area, the traditional local restaurants always surprised me with simple, yet better food. But this does not mean that these local eats are more accessible than any other the starred restaurants. For example – Ibal.

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Ibal is a tiny underground restaurant located at the center of San Sebastian. It’s only opens for weekdays lunch. I didn’t booked the restaurant myself, but I heard it’s very difficult to get hold of a table. I was grateful to be a free-rider. 😛

The restaurant was already packed, just with 12 guests. The menu wasn’t long but everything was seasonal, fresh and well prepared.

The highlights included the omg-ly good chorizo – super fresh and juicy; the freshly picked forest fungi – great texture and flavor; the Kokotxas – soaked in a tasty green sauce. Last but not least, the dover sole. It might not be one of the best fish I have had (as Cantonese diners grew up with fresh steam fish on their dining table, we are very particular about the taste and texture), but it’s definitely one of the best grilled fishes I have had. The texture was firm, and the taste was excellent.

Again, another great restaurant that does not have a Michelin star. I paid a little less than 100 euros for the meal, with 2 bottles of reasonably priced great wines (one magnum) shared among a party of 7.

Restaurante Ibai
Address: Calle de Getaria, 15, 20005 San Sebastián, Guipuzcoa, Gipuzkoa, Spain
Tel:+34 943 42 87 64


Visited on: 21 Sept 2014
Hours: Monday – Friday 1pm – 3pm

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