Nanachome Kyoboshi (七丁目京星), Tokyo

Nanachome Kyoboshi used to be a three star tempura restaurant in Tokyo, but somehow it disappeared from 2015’s guide book?! I have heard a lot of good things about this place, but paying 40,000yen just for vegetables and fishes with a slap of batter made me stepped back from trying this place all the time. But after my first visit, I quickly became my favorite tempura place (for now). Continue reading

Tempura Tazawa (天ぷら田ざわ), Hokkaido

When you see Aji, Ayu and Kisu on the menu, it’s SUMMER! There’s a Confucian saying where one should never eat something that is not in season” (不時不食), and “One should not eat meat that is not cut properly, not food that is not served with the proper sauce” (割不正不食。不得其醬不食). Maybe Confucius, aka Johnny (仲尼), was a gourmet himself – and what he says is particularly applicable when it comes to traditional Japanese restaurants. Continue reading