Nanachome Kyoboshi (七丁目京星), Tokyo

Nanachome Kyoboshi used to be a three star tempura restaurant in Tokyo, but somehow it disappeared from 2015’s guide book?! I have heard a lot of good things about this place, but paying 40,000yen just for vegetables and fishes with a slap of batter made me stepped back from trying this place all the time. But after my first visit, I quickly became my favorite tempura place (for now).

It’s really hard to imagine how good veggie tempura could be, my favorite pieces was the chestnuts, onion, quail egg, yam jelly (konnyaku). Every single pieces were top quality vegetables, very seasonal and very sweet, perfectly fried to bring out the best texture of each vegetable. The batter was thin and crispy. I had about 14 types of veggies and seafood, including, the shrimp sandwich, squid, shrimp, beans, lotus, Kisu, Okoze, onion, a Japanese bitter veggie, quail egg, yam jelly and Strawberry as dessert. His serves his tempura with his homemade salt and lemon juice.

Nanachome Kyoboshi serves new style tempura. The restaurant serves 10 people only and everything is prepared in a small kitchen. The chef Shigeya Sakakibara speaks a bit of English so I would consider it as a English-friendly environment. Definitely a place which I won’t be hesitant to go back even they don’t have Michelin stars. But of course, there are a lot of cheaper tempura options around Tokyo which are also good. But I couldn’t find one that could replace the vegetables in this place. But let’s see.

Nanachome Kyoboshi (七丁目京星)
Tel: +81 3 3572 3568
Address: 6F Ohjio Ginza Building , 5-5-9 Ginza, Tokyo (東京都中央区銀座5-5-9 オージオ銀座ビル 6F)

Chef: Shigeya Sakakibara
Visited on: 14 Jan, 2015

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