Kanda(かんだ), Tokyo

How good could a three star kaiseki be… mm… I was slightly disappointed by Koju on my last visit and my experience at Kanda wasn’t really a wow.

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Kanda takes kaiseki with a slightly modern approach. The highlight of the meal was the soy bean milk pudding. It’s very smooth in texture, even smoother than the signature pudding of Ryugin. But the flavor is not as strong. Yet this pudding has the best texture. His strawberry ice cream has nice, fresh strawberry flavors.

I enjoyed the dessert more than the savory dishes. Their signature dish gyu katsu was good, not oily and the salad was good too. But it didn’t struck me as the best dish in the meal. Other dishes that I like was the snow crab dumpling and the shirako chawamushi. The only part that I didn’t quite understand was the sushi. I didn’t enjoyed the slightly mushy shari. To me it was rather showing the weakness of the chef when there so many better sushi out there.

Address: 3-6-34 Motoazabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Tel: +81 3-5786-0150
Website: http://www.nihonryori-kanda.com

Chef: Hiroyuki Kanda (神田裕行)
Visited on: 15 Janurary 2015

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