Kyoboshi (京星), Kyoto

Looking for a tempura place in Kyoto? I would say Kyoboshi. It’s great value for money.

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In fact, Kyoboshi has some relationship with Nanachome Kyoboshi. Their tempura is along the lines of the style of Nanachome Kyoboshi. It starts with a shrimp toast, and t has a good mix of seafood and vegetables.

I really appreciate their dessert. It was a sweet potato, dipped into brandy and sugar. It was very creative for a tempura shop.

Kyoboshi (京星)

Address: Hanamikoji Sueyoshicho Higashi iru, Gion, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto (京都府 京都市東山区 花見小路末吉町東入ル 双葉ビル 1F)
Tel: +81-75-551-2303

Visited on: 20 July 2016

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