Matsukawa’s Osechi(松川のおせち), Tokyo

Osechi is what eveyone would have for New Year day in Japan. It’s like turkey for Christmas. 

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Nothing could beat having a Matsukawa osechi (although I would like to try Kyo Ami’s osechi as well). Just be the look of it is pleasing.

The osechi came in a hefty price tag, but the quality of the osechi is incomparable to any other osechi. If I am having this to start a new year, I just felt it’s gonna be a good year ahead. Haha.

Matsukawa (松川)
Address: 東京都港区赤坂1-11-6 赤坂テラスハウス1階

Chef: Tadayoshi Matsukawa

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