é by José Andrés, Las Vegas

Finally taking a short break from my traveling to update my blog. So I should start with my recent trips.

é by José Andrés is an semi-open kitchen concept, located inside Jaleo at the Cosmopolitan Hotel, accommodating 10 guests for each dining section. There are two sections per night.

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This hidden space is a private opera show for Jose’s work, featuring modern Spanish cuisines. A lot of molecular gastronomy techniques are used throughout the meal. To me the meal was exciting, interesting and fun. But it did not fascinate me as much as my other experiences with modern Spanish cuisines, like Mugaritz. But hey, we are in Vegas, and this meal actually exceeded my expectation on what I will get in this money-making city.

Nevertheless, I was impressed by their premium wine pairing selection. I didn’t do the wine pairing this time, but they did offer a good selection including some old vintage wines (and served by glass).

After this meal, I am quite interested to visit the Minibar in DC as I heard it’s a bolder expression of Jose’s work.

é by José Andrés
Address: The Cosmopolitan Hotel, 3708 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, United States
Email: reserve@ebyjoseandres.com
Website: www.ebyjoseandres.com

Visited on: 12 April, 2015
Chef: José Andrés

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