Kawamura (かわむら), Tokyo

An introduction-only steak house, Kawamura, is probably the most expensive and extravagant restaurant in the world. If you take a look at the door in the morning, when the door is completely closed, you couldn’t even see the logo of the restaurant. It’s literally a wooden door, just like a door of a store room. You can never expect that an white truffle omakase menu came with a literally speechless bill… it was 179,000yen per head… and the “weirdest” thing is that, all our dining buddies agreed that it worth every penny.

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I personally loved this place as it’s all about simple cooking and absolutely AMAZING ingredients. I liked it to a degree that I am willing to skip a few mediocre meals and just go crazy on this one.

As one of the biggest white truffle importer in the world, Kawamura san’s white truffle are the best of the best from Alba, their truffles are three times bigger than my fist. When we dig into our plates, we all responded with three three letter word: “wow”, “omg”, and “wtf”. But in all honesty, my best part of the meal was the steak, the consomme, the onions and pudding.

For me, the appreciation for wagyu is about the fat of wagyu. The steak of Kawamura is like a pudding, when you shake it, it wobbles.

This meal was the best meal in 2015 for me.

Kawamura (かわむら)
Address: 7-3-16 Ginza Chuo Tokyo(東京都 中央区 銀座 7-3-16 東五ビル1F)

Chef: Kawamura Taro
Visited: Nov, 2015

For reservations in Japan, please visit www.arryjapan.com

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