Suppon Daiichi(すっぽん 大市), Kyoto

Daiichi is a suppon specialist shop in Kyoto with more than 300 years of history.

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Suppon, Japanese soft shell turtle, is one delicacy that was enjoyed by the royal family centuries ago. It was used as a medicine as it contains a lot of nutrients. I think it’s kind of similar to fish maw, where it’s said to be good for the skin and body, especially for women.

Suppon is usually find in kaiseki restaurant especially in winter, but now a lot of suppons are raised, rarely could you find wild Suppon. Of course, Suppon at daiichi is also raised as they serve Suppon all year round.

One of the special thing about Daiichi is the clay pots Shigarakiyaki. They use these clay posts to keep the temperature of the Suppon nabe while you are having it. The clay pot is specially made, so that could withstand 2000 degrees on the coal fire, not a lot of those clay pot survived in such heat, so those that didn’t were cracked and disposed.

It though this place is a bit expensive just for 3 serves of Suppon, I was barely full when I left. But it was a nice experience especially on the winter.

Suppon Daiichi(すっぽん 大市)
Address: 364 Rokubancho Kamigyo-ku Kyoto Kyoto (京都市上京区下長者町通千本西入六番町371)
Tel: +81-75-461-1775

Opening hours: Lunch 12pm-2pm, Dinner 5pm – 9 pm (closed on Wednesday)
Visited on: 22 Nov, 2015

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