Yanagiya (柳家), Gifu

Yanagiya, located in the mountains of Mizunami, has been the #1 restaurant for years on Tabelog (its ranking still shifts around among the top 3 restaurants in Japan together with  Matsukawa and Quintessence ). Yanagiya used to be an introduction-only restaurant, but now it’s opened for reservation.

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The hunters will hunt for meat every morning for Yanagiya. There are a few typical dishes that they serve in different seasons. Ayu, Unagi in summer, Bear and duck for winter, Wild vegetables in spring, Matsutake in Autumn etc… Some times you might get some very rare wild animals too.

I loved their wild boar a lot. Their tororo rice and nabe was just perfect for winter. After my first visit, I am planning a next trip for the ayu this summer.

Even it takes hours to get to this place, I am still going back.


Yanagiya (柳家)
Address: 573-27 Suechomashizume Mizunami, Gifu (岐阜県瑞浪市陶町猿爪573-27)
Tel: 0572-65-2102

Opening Hours: 11am- 10pm; Sunday 12pm – 9pm (closed monday)
Visited on: 21 Nov 2015

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