Nahm, Bangkok

My meal at Nahm was quite underwhelming, probably because I didn’t order their tasting menu, but I did order some signature dishes.

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Nahm is situated on the ground floor of the Metropolitan bu COMO hotel. Almost all diners are foreigners. The dining area is quite modern, but I would definitely prefer Bolan or Gaggan way more than Nahm.

Nahm serves their dishes in Thai style too, every dish will appear on your table where you can enjoy it with the rice. The ingredients are great on its own, especially the crab, but other dishes were quite salty for my palate.

I would hesitate to revisit this place. I enjoyed the street food way more than fine dining in Bangkok in general.

Nahm, Bangkok
Address: 27 South Sathorn Road, Thung Maha Mek, Sathon, Bangkok
Tel: +66 2 625 3333

Chef: David Thompson
Visited on: 19 Feb 2016

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