Yanagiya(柳家), Gifu

I visited Yanagiya in winter, so I just though I should try their summer menu. In this trip I wanted to try the wild eel in Tokuyamazushi and Yanagiya. 

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Their eel was actually pretty good but I somehow preferred the one at Tokuyamazushi which had a ‘crunchier’ surface.

So I conclude that I think I prefer the winter menu at Yanagiya because it has my favourite tororo soup rice. I can never forget that dish and I would love to go back again just for that.

Yanagiya (柳家)
Address: 573-27 Suechomashizume Mizunami, Gifu (岐阜県瑞浪市陶町猿爪573-27)
Tel: 0572-65-2102

Opening Hours: 11am- 10pm; Sunday 12pm – 9pm (closed monday)
Visited on: 19 June 2016

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