Tokuyamazushi (徳山鮓), Shiga

Located right next to Lake Yogo, Tokuyamazushi is a hotel restaurant that serves some uncommon Japanese cuisines. A beautiful place with stunning views. Nevertheless it might not be a place for first time Japan visitors.

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One of the dish that I look for forwarded to was the funazushi. Funazushi is a type of narezushi, this type of sushi has a long history back then. Very little restaurant in Japan do this kind of sushi as it takes a long time to ferment. The fish (with rows) are aged in rice for years. A thin slice of it tasted like cheese and goes well with wine.

Another amazing dish was the wild eel. It’s probably the best eel that I have had in the summer of 2016.

Food in Tokuyamazushi is not that easy to understand without some knowledge on Japanese food. And the flavours are not that easy to appreciate. If you are in for an more ‘exotic’ adventure for your the palate, maybe you should check this out. Please note that what I had was a summer menu and they change their menu seasonally.

Tokuyamazushi (徳山鮓)
Address: 408 Yogocho, Kawanami, Nagahama, Shiga (滋賀県長浜市余呉町川並1408)
Tel: +81 749-86-4045

Opening Hours: Lunch 12:00-14:30; Dinner 18:00~21:00 (Irregular day off)
Visited on: 20 June 2016

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