Lei Garden, Hong Kong

Molecular gastronomy might sound familar, but what about Chinese Molecular gastronomy? Does it sounds like something new to you? Molecular gastronomy has been widely popular in these years as it creates a lot of combination for cuisines. Obviously, chinese food is trying to keep up with the trend, but is it a good idea to do so? Well, it depends.

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Lei Garden is having some new dishes on Molecular gastronomy. One good thing about it is that – it’s economical. All these nice looking cuisines are served for the media. Undoubtedly they look pretty photogenic.

Yet, I am still not so sure if it’s a good choice to combine chinese food with such technique. At least it feels a bit weird for me. Chinese cuisines do play with tastes, but not as much as they do in the west. It might be a good kick off, but it’s still in its inital stage.

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