Le Cinq, Paris

Little did i know Le Cinq was a two star restaurant before I walked in. I’ve heard about it from the Michelin guide, and a chef I know in Hong Kong started his career there. My visit though, was totally unplanned. I was walking on the Avenue George V after some window shopping nearby.

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So as I walked past the Four Seasons George V with an empty stomach and saw the restaurant, I thought ‘why not?’.

Le Cinq offers traditional French cuisine. People expecting bold and contemporary expressions might find themselves knocking on the wrong door.

I enjoyed their sardines a lot – most likely because I don’t get to enjoy fresh sardines from my home country. I also like their idea of serving a number of dishes made with the same ingredient but prepared in different ways. Take the sardines for example – one was grilled, and the other turned into sardine tartar.

Le Cinq imports their products – such as olives from Greece, olive oil from Sicily. The meal was certainly fine but not the level of sophistication for the price. Dishes though tend to come in larger portions. I noticed many tables weren’t able to finish the dessert.

Overall a good restaurant, but for the money you can find better options out there.

Le Cinq
Tel: +33 (0) 1 4952 7000
Address: Four Seasons Hotel George V, 31 Avenue George V, 75008 Paris

Visited on: 12 August, 2012
Price: Lunch Menu €95, Tasting Menu €155
Wine List:
Long list of fine branded wines, pricing at least double, some more than triple of market price.
Champagne €650 (Krug MV), €800 (Salon 1999)
Reservation is necessary

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