DN innovación (鼎恩創意料理), Taipei

DN Innovacion is perhaps the most famous molecular restaurant in Taipei. It’s chef Daniel published a few cookbooks in Chinese which can be found at the city’s 24-hour Eslite Bookstore.

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Walking into the restaurant, the cool colours, curves and lines of the interior deco offers a modern feel. I ordered a special set menu, available for both lunch and dinner, which comprises of seasonal and signature dishes. The restaurant carries wine mainly from Spain and France.

While going through the photos taken at DN Innovacion and recalling the flavours and textures of the various dishes, and this was what came to mind – the breadbasket wasn’t fresh enough, the amuse bouche tasted like a bowl of thousand island sauce, mozzarella cookies weren’t crisp enough – it was tough to think of an item which I enjoyed, apart from the dessert – which was OK, but not interesting.

Preparing molecular food that tastes good can be a hard thing to achieve, plus the starting point is higher than other fine dining places. I don’t understand why this restaurant is so popular in Taipei. It may be a harsh comment I’m giving, but I have to be honest with my readers.

DN innovación (鼎恩創意料理)
Address: 93 Songren Rd, Xinyi District, Taipei , Taiwan
Tel: (02) 8780 1155

Visited on: 27 Oct, 2012
Price: Lunch – NTD$550, 980, 1800, 3288; Dinner – NTD$1800, 3288
Wine List: Mainly Spain and France

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