Media Lunch at Dragon Jade

Opportunity knocks on the door for this foodie, yours truly, to check out the new Dragon Jade restaurant in the City of Dreams. Reviews and articles on this City of Dreams signature restaurant are hard to come by online. I am grateful that Kristoffer Luczak, the F&B vice president of Melco Crown whom ushered me in and gave me a thorough introduction to the restaurant.

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Melco Crown invested millions on this very restaurant that leaves you with hand painted walls, Chinese glass Liuli decoration, an open kitchen decked out with temperature controlled tanks for their precious cargo of rare seafood – all adds up to a cool 40 million Euros.

Most customers will buy the primary ingredients from the restaurant and Chef Tam Kwok Fung will design a menu around what you have picked. Chef Tam targets affluent private diners with a taste of a meal made to order. With plenty of capacity for private dining, it certainly appeals to the needs of space and privacy for those who demands it. Yet, this doesn’t mean regular diners like me get any less attention. Their soup dumplings, made by a chef from Ding Tai Fung, was a memorable one. The Jade Dragon Prime-cut Iberico Barbecue Pork is also a highly recommended dish. It’s cooked in a lychee wood oven, and the smoke imparts a special scent to the final product, topped with organic honey. That definitely is one of the best char siu I’ve had.

After the dim sum and appetizers, came the double boiled soup and spicy fish with steamed egg, vegetables in consommé, signature fried rice and finally, desserts finished with a fusion touch.

I would love to visit Dragon Jade again, just to make sure I can enjoy a similar standard as a regular diner.

Jade Dragon (譽瓏軒)
Tel: +853 8868 2822
Address: Level 2, The Shops at The Boulevard, City of Dreams, Macau
Opening Hours 11:00am – 3:00pm; 6:00pm – 11:00pm

Visited on: 4 March, 2012
Price: Courtesy from Dragon Jade
Things to order: Prime-cut Iberico Barbecue Pork, Siu Long Bao, Double Boil Soup, Seafood fried rice

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