Miyako Zushi (日本橋橘町 都寿司), Tokyo

Top 50 restaurant on Tabelog, yet without a Michelin star. Did Michelin missed out on something good?

As a matter of fact, I can’t say it’s a miss out on the Michelin guide, but it will definitely be a miss out for you if you love Japan and sushi, and didn’t visit this place.

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I heard this sushi place is very difficult to book and I could understand why after my first visit. Serving mostly regulars, Chef Sugita’s place is fully booked for the night for two dinner sections. When the diners from the first round left at around 8pm, the second group of diners were lining up at the small entrance. The restaurant is small, with around 12 seats. But the ambience is cozy, homey and welcoming.

Unlike Sushi houses like Ichiyanagi or Nakamura that serves small vinegary sushi with strong flavours of the fish (not all sushi had a strong taste though), Miyako’s sushi is more salty, served in BIG portion with huge slice of the fish. In each bite, you could definitely taste the fish throughly on your tongue and that’s what I liked most about it. It’s a Japanese comfort food more than tiny fancy sushi.

The vibe of the restaurant is definitely the highlight. With a lot of regulars around, Chef Sugita jokes around with everyone and filled the room with laughters, just like family dinner.

My favourite pick? Ankimo, Aged Ikura, Dai, Buri, AND! his saba roll with spring onion and shish leaves.

My conclusion for the place? Sushi with great value for money.

Miyako Zushi (日本橋橘町 都寿司)
Tel: 03-3669-3855
Address: 3−1−3, Higashinihonbashi, Tokyo (東京都中央区東日本橋3-1-3 奥田ビル 1F)

Opening Hours: Wed- Fri 5:30 -10pm; Saturday 5pm – 10pm; Sunday and Holidays 12pm-1pm, 5pm-9pm (Closed on Monday)
Price: ~15000 yen
Chef: Sugita Takaaki (杉田孝明)

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