Jidoriya Onza (じどりや穏座), Shiga

Jidoriya Onza is restaurant owned and run by a chicken ranch. It’s located just in front of the ranch, where they get fresh chicken every day straight from the farm. Jidori means local chicken.

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According to the law in Japan, Jidori (地鶏), “land chicken”, needs to have a trace of >50% of the Japanese chicken pedigree. If it’s below 50%,then it could only be named as Megumi Tori (銘柄鶏).

The ranch also supplies to many chicken specialist shop all over japan, including Toricho in Tokyo (toricho sources their chicken from many suppliers as well).

Personally I enjoyed Toricho more than Jidoriya Onza in this visit. But I didn’t get the omakase at Jidoriya onza (there’s just 8 seats per day) for this menu. I had their nabe instead.

You can also get a taste of raw chicken in Jidoriya Onza, but if you are not a fan of that, you can always use it for the nabe.

Jidoriya Onza (じどりや穏座)
Address: 4-9-50 Mano, Otsu, Shiga, Japan (滋賀県大津市真野4-9-50)
Tel: +81 120-003-129

Opening Hours: 6pm -11:30pm (closed on Tuesday and Wednesday)
Visited on: 22 November 2015

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