Miyamasou (美山荘), Kyoto

Miyamasou is perched on top of the remote mountain in northern Kyoto. It’s a two Michelin star restaurant as well as a ryokan. The cuisine that they serve is Kaiseki, but to be more specific, they called it tsumikusa (摘み草), “freshly picked”.

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Miyamasou forages in the mountain area for ingredients, such as vegetables and beans. They also use local ingredients which is native to Kyoto area, such as carp.

A dining experience there is very different from the feeling that you dine in a kaiseki restaurnt in Kyoto. First of all, you get your own balcony which is just right above the river. I thought I could just sit there for hours with a cup of hot tea and listen to the sound of nature.

It’s also a place that I would revisit, next time with lodging 🙂

Miyamasou (美山荘)
Address: 375 daihizan, Hanaseharachi-cho, Sakyo, Kyoto (京都府京都市左京区花脊原地町大悲山)
Tel: 075-746-0231

Opening Hours: 12pm-7pm
Chef: Hisato Nakahigashi
Visited on: 23 November, 2015

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