IDEA (イデア銀座), Tokyo

Idea once had a higher rank than Kawamura on tabelog and it’s something that I did’t quite understand.

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The only dish that I enjoyed was the beef tongue with white truffle. And honestly, I enjoyed the beef at kawamura way more than Idea that I could skip to Idea for one Kawamura. Maybe the beef in idea has a stronger beef flavour than in Kawamura, but I think wagyu is not just about the flavour but also the appreciation of the mixture of fat and meat.

I would say it’s still a nice place but I don’t think it worth paying 25,000 yen for it.

IDEA GINZA (神戸牛炉釜炭焼ステーキIDEA 銀座)
東京都中央区銀座7-8-15 第二新橋会館 7F

Opening Hours: 5pm -11pm (Closed Sunday)
Chef: Sugai Masato (菅井政勝)
Visited on: 28 November 2015

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