Jimbocho Den (神保町 傳) , Tokyo

Jimbocho Den is my to-go place in Tokyo, mostly because it has great service and good food. In this meal, I had quite some “classic” dish of Den DFC, the Tomato, Junsai and Passionfruit, Monaka etc…

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I think I have posted quite a lot of Den, so I won’t repeat the same thing about the restaurant.

The highlight of the meal was the deep fried abalone, it went very well with a piece of lime.

Jimbocho Den(神保町 傳)
Address: 2-2-32 Kandajinbocho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Tel:+81 03 3222 3978
Website: jimbochoden.com

Visited on: 22th June, 2016
Chef:Zaiyu Hasegawa (在佑 長谷川)

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