Kabuto (かぶと), Tokyo

There are many shop that specialises in unagi (eel), but Kabuto is regarded as the place that serves the best unagi. My friends in Japan called the old chef of Kabuto, “the God of Unagi”.

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However, the old chef has retired now. His son took over the place, and there are rumours saying that this place is not as good as it used to be. Even so, Kabuto is still very difficult to get a reservation here. The restaurant is packed with regulars and mostly Japanese. (I was the only foreigner there)

I have never tried the unagi grilled by the old chef, so I can’t really tell. But this place didn’t fascinate me that much. We didn’t preorder the wild eel, so we had farmed eel that night. Farmed eel are usually leaner and more muscular while farmed eel tends to be more oily and meat is more tender. I have always preferred wild eel.

If you are ever going to Kabuto, don’t forget to order their tofu. They got their tofu from a special supplier who only supplies tofu to Kabuto.

Kabuto (かぶと)
Address: 2-53-2 Ikebukuro Toshiba Tokyo (東京都豊島区池袋 2-53-2 池袋ESビル 1F)

Visited on: 17 June 2017

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