Jimbocho Den (神保町 傳), Tokyo

Apparently I eat more than I blog, but I have decided to finish all my blog post in 2014 before I was greeted by 2015. I will start this goal with Jimbocho Den, just because it’s one of the highlight of the year for me.

Ranked as Top 50 restaurant on Tabelog, Den retained his one star in 2015 although it has a two star in 2013. Although Den is named as a place for Kaiseki, it’s not the typical Kaiseki you get in Japan. Most people name it as modern Kaiseki.

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Zaiyu Hasegawa, the owner and chef of Den, is a humble and passionate chef who work long hours, just to create an amazing experience for his guests. Making his guests happy is his only goal every day. He tried hard to connect with his global diners through food. His signature creation – Dentucky always wins a round of applause from his guest. Not only because it’s way way way better than Kentucky fried chicken, but being something that everyone around the world could get connected with.

Zaiyu Hasegawa

Zaiyu Hasegawa

Zaiyu’s interest in haute cuisine came from his mother. As his mother was a Geisha who entertain guests in high end restaurants and that’s where he picked up his interest in cooking at a very young age. Unlike other Japanese chefs, Zaiyu is very hospital and love to entertain his guests with different surprises. This is one of the reasons why he got a lot of regulars.

Zaiyu began to travel more and more in recent years to different places in seek of new inspirations. With previous cooperation with D.O.M., Zaiyu daringly puts an ant with his signature Den’s salad. He’s probably the first one for such daring move in Japan. Zaiyu only source from his family and friends for all the ingredients.

Everything is finely made at Den and once you visited the place, you would want to come back again.

Jimbocho Den(神保町 傳)
Address: 2-2-32 Kandajinbocho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Tel:+81 03 3222 3978
Website: jimbochoden.com

Visited on: 8th Nov, 2014
Chef:Zaiyu Hasegawa (在佑 長谷川)

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