Sushi Hashimoto (鮨はしもと)

I always believe that the hard work and dedication of any chef could be felt and seen by everyone. There are a few places that I have started to see some evolvement in certain chefs, which made me want to revisit again. Then I found myself revisiting the same places more often than having the urge to try out some new places.

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A sushi place that I would like to revisit again and again is Sushi Hashimoto. I think I have been saying this to many people around me when they asked me what’s your new favorite. I still remember when I first visited the place, I thought he was doing a pretty good job as a young chef. The second time I revisited, it was about half a year later… the shape of the sushi was more consistent and beautifully shaped. The otsumami’s presentation, choice of topping, thickness of the cut… was also slightly different. Hashimoto-san humbly explained on why he serves his otsumami and sushi in this way and not the other way. It was that point that I thought, this chef is really thinking hard on what he’s doing. He is putting effort to improve. The speed of his improvement in his craft was so fast that I thought he is either a complete genius or he has been thinking about his sushi even when he’s sleeping. Since then, I just want to revisit this place and so far it just got better bit by bit.

Just some background information on Sushi Hashimoto. Hashimoto-san was trained under Sugita-san since Sushi Sugita was Miyako sushi. He started his shop 4 years ago in Shintomi (a few blocks away from central Ginza) and became very popular among locals.

Sometimes I don’t need my food to be the best bite ever all the time. I don’t need all my meals close to the utmost perfection to make me a happy person. Watching how a restaurant evolve also motivates me to revisit places and it’s already a great experience itself.

P.S. Couldn’t believe it has almost been a year since I last scribbled something on my blog. Thank you for supporting my blog along, especially those who messaged me personally to ask me to post more on my blog.

Sushi Hashimoto (鮨はしもと)

Address: 1F Maki Plaza Building, 1-15-11, Shintomi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo


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