Cepage, Hong Kong

Wasabi sauce, Inaniwa udon, Amadai, Hokkaido sea urchin… It almost felt like a vacation in Japan. Blending French cuisine with a Japanese flair, Cepage offers something special in the Hong Kong fine dining scene. The chef’s cooking and style of plating exudes an association with his teacher Joel Robuchon. Certain dishes are even reminiscent of my wonderful experience at the Chateau Joel Robushon in Tokyo.

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Cepage debuted in Hong Kong in 2009, under the renowned Les Amis Group – where the majority of its restaurants can be found in Singapore. Just within a few short years, Cepage worked its way to the Michelin guide. Believe it or not, in terms of food quality, it is one underrated fine dining restaurant in Hong Kong.

The first course of the dinner was a refreshing white asparagus blanc-mange, followed by the typical gourmet combination of salmon and caviar, spiced up with some wasabi sauce.

The third course I enjoyed it the most – the langoustine dumpling. It combines a savoury western flavour with the delicacy of a well-made dim sum, which gives it a lovely texture and flavours mingles well on the tongue.

The main course was perfectly portioned – a remarkably soft, juicy, tender lamb rack – a testament to the chef’s skilful control over the cooking temperatures.

The Epicurean dinner sets one back some HK$1070.

It’s always a pleasure to know that the restaurant carries a fine wine collection, ranging from a 1937 d’yquem, 1985 Krug and Dom Perignon, and to wine served by the glass such as a 1989 Barbaresco or even a Japanese Daiginjyo.

Address: 23 Wing Fung Street, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Tel:+852 2861 3130


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