Prive Grill, Singapore

Prive Grill’s tucked away on the isolated Keppel island in the southern edge of Singapore. If I wasn’t invited for a dinner there, I wouldn’t have discovered this place.

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You’d have to walk past the al fresco seating, until you reach a door that leads to a classy indoor dining area. The restaurant was dimly lit, quiet and formal, unlike the crowded outdoor terrace.

Someone from our table knows the chef, and the chef surprised us with a 5-course symphony.

The roasted suckling pig was the highlight – half of a grilled crispy piglet was sliced up and served with vegetables. The crispy skin, moist and tender meat pleased the table.

Right outside the restaurant is the mooring area for yachts, and it could also be a good place for a stroll after dinner. A good place to bring your date perhaps?

Privé Grill
Tel: +65 6776 0777
Address: No. 2 Keppel Bay Vista, Singapore

Visited on: 8 Dec, 2012
Things to order: Chocolate butterscotch pudding

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