Bo Innovation, Hong Kong

Bo Innovation hasn’t disappointed once in my three visits (Link to first review). It is one of the very few restaurants in Hong Kong deserving of its two Michelin Stars, at least from my point of view. For the most recent visit I was with SVT doing a foodie documentary.

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I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Bo Innovation for visitors to Hong Kong – it’s a one-of-a-kind Cantonese restaurant where the chef could – with his culinary skills – elevate everyday local street food to the top level. To best appreciate the creations of Alvin Leung – also known as the Demon Chef, it would be best to have some prior experience with local Hong Kong food and Chinese liquor. You would then be best placed to understand how the chef presents street food into the fine dining arena.

You’ll find yourself drawn to a few items on the menu on your first visit – things like “Xiao Long Bao”, “Pat Chun” Vinegar, “Mao Tai”, “Zhu Ye Qing”, “Shui Jing Fang” and etc. One then starts wondering how the chef would demonstrate his culinary prowess and interpretation of these food and liquor.

Take “Chian Daan Chee” (Scrambled eggs and luncheon meat sandwich) for example. Typically found in your neighborhood Cha Chan Tang, the chef dries the luncheon meat into a crispy thin layer while adding black truffles to go. It may seem simple to describe but it’s a taste to behold.

Often, diners have either response to Bo Innovation’s style – either love it or hate it. “X-treme cuisine” draws some extreme reactions. Taste it and let me know which side you’re on.

Bo Innovation
Address:Shop 13,2/f,J Residence, 60 Johnston Road,Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Tel:+852 2850 8371

Visited on: 2 March, 2012
Price: HKD$780 Wine pairing lunch(party event), Courtesy from Bo Innovation for dinner Chef’s table tasting menu (Original HK$2,080 + HK$700 wine pairing)
Things to order: Xiao Long Bao, Chian dan chee, Lobster, Foie Gras Lettuce wrap, Salty Fish mash potato, Chicken Rice
Hours: Lunch (Mon-Fri): 12:00pm – 2:30pm; Dinner(Mon-Sat): 7:00pm – late

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