Le Bernardin, New York

Seafood is the protagonist of Le Bernardin’s tasting menu. It amazes you with the melting texture of seafood.

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I was particular impressed by the soft and tenderness of the charred octopus and langoustine. They definitely redefine the texture of these crisp and chewy seafood.

Being ranked as the #1 restaurant in New York City by Zagat’s in 2013, Le Bernardin ought to be the most popular dining place for New Yorkers. The main dining area has the capacity to serve hundreds of diners each round, and you could find no empty seats during lunch hours.

With such a large crowd of diners, you won’t be expecting full attention from the staff. But still, the staff blend themselves into the New York City pace and managed their ‘stress level’ very well.

Even there’s nothing much to complain about, Le Bernardin certainly has room for improvements on its service and dining atmosphere to top the list among the 3-stars restaurants worldwide. And therefore, I would suggest to accommodate less diners each time.

Le Bernardin
Address: 155 West 51st Street, New York City
Tel: +1 212 554 1515

Visited on: 20 March, 2013
Price: Lunch: $75, Tasting menu: $150 – $195
Hours: Monday to Friday 12pm – 2:30 pm, 5:15pm – 10:30pm; Friday – Saturday 5:15-11pm (Closed on Sunday)
Chef: Eric Ripert
Executive chef: Chris Muller
Chef: Eric Jestel
Sommelier: Aldo Sohm

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