Nakahara (炭火焼肉なかはら), Tokyo

Revisiting Nakahara San’s restaurant is always great as you get really top wagyu from Japan.

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Nakahara San has his own way on slicing beef in order to bring out the best flavour and texture of wagyu.

In this visit we had some of the special items including katsudon, truffle tekka donburi. Yet the highlight was the sirloin from Mie Prefecture. It was just amazing.

Definitely a place that I would like to revisit again and again.
Yakiniku Nakahara (炭火焼肉なかはら)
Address: GEMS Ichigaya 9F, 4-3 Rokubancho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo (東京都千代田区六番町4-3 GEMS市ヶ谷 9F)
Tel: +81 3-6261-2987

Visited on: 15 Nov 2015
Chef: Nakahara Kentaro

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