Matsukawa (松川), Tokyo

If there’s a kaiseki restaurant that I wouldn’t mind to revisit every month in Tokyo, it would be Matsukawa.

Only top ingredients are used at Matsukawa. You get aye, wild eel, wild hamo in summer. Almost all dishes were a highlight for me. The Uni from from Karatsu was the best uni I have ever had. (They were fresh uni, not the ones that’s nicely boxed) The wild Hamo was very different from other Hamo I had in other kaiseki restaurants, it was juicy, tender and sweet. I had Hamo in other big names like Koju, Kikunoi, Kanda… but none could par with this experience. At Matsukawa you can forget about all the three star kaiseki restaurants.

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The Mizu Yokan was another highlight for me. The texture of this mizu yokan was the best that I have every had. It looks like jelly but the texture was almost like a spoon of red bean soup.

There is no going back once you fell in love with Matsukwa. You can check out what I had for the winter menu last year.

Matsukawa (松川)
Address: 東京都港区赤坂1-11-6 赤坂テラスハウス1階
Tel: +81 3-6277-7371

Chef: Tadayoshi Matsukawa
Visited on: 19 November 2015

For reservations in Japan, you can click here to check it out

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