Forum Restaurant, Hong Kong

The price of dim sum at the Forum Restaurant in Causeway Bay might be one third higher than usual, but it worths your money. The reason why I don’t really like chained Chinese restaurant is that most dim sum tasted like “instant microwaved food”. As a matter or fact, a lot of them were prepared in China, arrived Hong Kong in frozen boxes. What ended up on your table would likely be something soggy and tasteless.

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Dim sum is never easy to make, it takes a lot of preparation time and skills. That’s why it’s very important to have a dim sum master to oversee the production of each and every dim sum that will be served on the table. Shrimp dumplings at the Forum Restaurant looks ordinary (it wasn’t fold delicately), but it has a delicate taste. The skin is thin, smooth, not too sticky (yet, not too sturdy enough), while the shrimp filling was generous, firm and with a hint of sweetness.

Other dishes weren’t bad either – the steamed meatball were fresh and it did taste like meat (indeed, some steamed meatball out there are disappointing – you get the texture of the meat without having the taste of it); the custard buns were nice, but I personally prefer the ones with a rich liquid filling. But overall, it was an enjoyable lunch.

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