Michelin chef from Bordeaux – Le Saint James

Exactly two weeks ago, the kitchen in Petrus Island Shangri-la was in chaos. Why?

A very distinguish two star Michelin guest chef -Michel Portos- brought his team and delicacies all the way from Bordeaux to Hong Kong, definitely a rare opportunity for Hong Kongers to get a taste of the rural and delightful Bordeaux without a 20-hour flight.

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A lot of things were actually pre-made in Bordeaux which included the wheaty doughs that were served in the free-flow bread basket.  The wheaty dough are somewhat like the sourdoughs but tasted exceptionally wheaty. Two dishes I would recommend – the Mr Hazera’s chicken and St Tropez torte. The chickens were raised in Mr Hazera’s farm (a very farm near Bordeaux), to give courtesy to the owner, the dish was named Mr. Hazera’s multi-coloured chicken breast. Unlike a lot of chicken you find out there in the market, the chicken breast was firm and dense, but tender. Another choice was Abalone and grilled sardine consomme. The chef told us that he used 1 kilo of sardine for 1 litre of consomme, and everyone was like: “ah! no wonder the texture is as thick as a beef consomme”.

End the meal with a not-too-sweet dessert – St. Tropez Torte. They used some kumquat from France which are oval and slightly elongated  in shape. Of course, never miss out the bread and seaweed butter from Petrus, they serve one of the very best bread and seaweed butter in town. Impressive baking skills! and finally… Bon appetit!

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