Lung King Heen, Hong Kong

Say ‘hello’ to my new domain! Tomorrow I’m off to my culinary journey in Monaco and France. I guess I have been working too hard that I have accumulated a-month-long holiday. Before I set off to France, I have to finish up my existing materials before updating the new ones from the trip.

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I visited Lung King Heen quite a while ago, but I still find it worthwhile to discuss. Lung King Heen is the only three Michelin star-rated Cantonese restaurant and I understand how it has earned its stars year after year, since the first Michelin guide is published in Hong Kong. I’ll talk about how Lung King Heen sets itself apart itself from other Cantonese restaurants in a city like Hong Kong, known for its food.

I have always regarded Dim Sum as the epitome of Cantonese cuisine. Hong Kong is home to tasty Cantonese dim sum, but it’s also tricky to determine which Cantonese restaurant serves the best.

There are plenty of well-hidden delicious dim sum places in the city, but you just have to be a local or familiar with the language in order to track them down. Even if you have found the place, you would need to make an order in Chinese or a random choice might mean you risk getting some unappetizing dishes, say beef stomach or pig intestines. Yet, sometimes you won’t even find a menu at some of these places.

Lung King Heen is great in a lot of sense other than having an English menu. First of all, the restaurant is conveniently situated in a very decent location – the Four Seasons Hotel in Central. Seating are comfortable and the environment is spacious, plus you get to enjoy the Victoria Harbor through its floor to ceiling windows.

Second, it manages to maintain a good record of quality service when compared to some Michelin Cantonese restaurants, let alone local dim sum shops.

Overall, you can tell their dim sum incorporates more creativity than other traditional Cantonese restaurants. There are quite some Cantonese restaurants that tried to keep up with the trend and be innovative with their dishes, but very often, it turns out to be a failure.

As I have mentioned, there’s a lot of nice dim sum restaurants in Hong Kong that should not be overlooked, such as Bo Innovation.

Lung King Heen
Address: Four Seasons Hotel, 8 Finance Street, Central, Hong Kong (Above Hong Kong Station, linked to IFC Mall)
Tel:+852 3196 8888

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