Tate Dining Room and Bar, Hong Kong

Tate opened its doors in July 2012 and quickly managed to achieve its very first Michelin star in the 2013 Hong Kong guide. Vicky Lau, chef of Tate, is the former chef de cuisine of Cepage, also a one Michelin star restaurant in Hong Kong. Reviews on Tate after its grand opening was mixed, but at the same time this charming iron lady chef was well embraced by the local media.

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Cepage, famed for its Franco-Asian cuisine, is one of my favourite restaurants in Hong Kong. Tate inherits Cepage’s style while bolder and more playful with its flavours. The food arouses some curiosity but fails to leave a wow impression nor do I feel the urge for a revisit. The petit fours was a particular disappointment even though it was presented on a lovely tailored cart. Since I am paying about the same price as I did in Cepage, I’d still prefer to return to Cepage should I have to pick between the two.

Nevertheless, it shouldn’t undermine the efforts of this charismatic lady. I for one appreciate its presentation, especially their amuse bouche and dessert. The dessert presentation reminds me of the hip dessert place 2AM Dessert Bar in Singapore. But of course, Tate does a much better job than 2AM. If you’re not a fan of red or white wine, they do have some interesting home blended cocktails as an alternative. By the way, their menu doesn’t come with tea or coffee.

Tate Dining Room and Bar
Tel: +852 2555 2172
Address: 59 Elgin Street, Central, Hong Kong
Website: http://www.tate.com.hk/

Visited on: 28 Jan, 2012
Price: Dinner – HKD$780-1080

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